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Deleted item are showing back next day

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  • Deleted item are showing back next day

    hi all,

    Thanks you for your help in advance.

    One user in the office is deleting old emails and each morning those emails are back.
    The user is a normal exchange users (exchange 2010 on server 2008R2).
    I removed all the emails from the inbox sent items and other folders and cleared the empty the delete folder as well but next morning it is all backup. can you help me to understand why this is happening

    Not sure if this is important but the exhange server 2010 is Still not licensed we have 12 days to go.
    Thank you

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    Re: Deleted item are showing back next day

    Hello Avi,

    Is the user using chachec exchange mode?

    It could be that when you delete everything, it has no connection to the server, and your just empting the pst, then when it reconnects, re-downloads everything.

    PS: I have not actuly used Exchange 2010 for anything real yet, so please ignore me if its all changed (but I believe its just like 2007).

    If in asking for more details about a problem I seem to be rude, think about it this way, If I did not have to ask, I would not of been forced to be rude.

    Please assume anything and everything I say to be wrong unless I have provided links and evidence, or you have done the same.
    IE: you blow your server up following my advice, not my bad

    A OP is bad if I can go to and answer the question by pressing 4 buttons. "Ctrl +c, Ctrl +v".


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      Re: Deleted item are showing back next day

      i agree with wofen. turn off cached mode, try again.

      if it's still exhibiting the same problems, log on to owa, delete the mail and see what happens.
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        Re: Deleted item are showing back next day


        Sorry for the late reply (sick kids took time off).
        Ok I am going to try this see how we go.

        Will let you know soon

        Again thank you for your time