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Problem Changing Password in OWA

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  • Problem Changing Password in OWA

    Hello, I have an Exchange 2007 setup installed on Windows Server 2008. My primary domain controller is running on Windows Server 2003 and the secondary is running on Windows Server 2008.

    When I create a new email account and I check the (User must change password @ next logon) option, the user ain't able to log in unless I uncheck that option in ADUC. Same happens for existing email accounts.

    I have read some articles which talks about editing settings in the IIS metabase relating to OWA virtual directory. But Im not really sure about going about this.

    How can I bypass this limitation?

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    Re: Problem Changing Password in OWA

    To allow changing of an expired password through OWA (which is what change at first login is), you must have Exchange 2007 SP3 installed, and make a registry change to allow it.

    After making the change, run IISRESET for it to take effect.

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      Re: Problem Changing Password in OWA

      Thank you for the reply, the only challenge I have is installing Exchange 2007 SP3 on all my servers. I have about 6 Boxes because I have split up the roles on each of them. Currently I am running Window Server 2008. So that would be a major task. I hope there wouldn't be any problems with my already configured settings on CAS, Hub and Mailbox Roles.