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exchange 2010 activesync 413 error....extreme newbie

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  • exchange 2010 activesync 413 error....extreme newbie

    long time browser but seldom post. I did search but I think my knowledge overall prevents an accurate search. please forgive any protocol/newbee mistakes.

    I have ex 2010 sp2 running (server 2008r2) and only issue I have is android phones cannot send attachments. looking at the logs (using nitrodesk touchdown for android) I see an error 413 413 request entity too large for any failed message.
    no attachment and messages are fine, even html. issue is only when attachment added. I have not yet seen if there is a limit that does send but I know 240 KB fails.

    now if I read correctly I need to change, in IIS 7, the MaxRequestEntity as referred to here:
    (can't post link removed . before com)

    is this correct and what site do I do it to? I think the activesync virtual directory but am unsure and want to check.

    any advice or directions would be greatly appreciated.

    btw, only reason I have ever had to post an ex2003 or 2010 question in last 6 years anywheres is because I always found answers already here. great site, thank you.

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    Re: exchange 2010 activesync 413 error....extreme newbie

    well I think I fixed it, changed ssl settings on as site to ignore instead of accept client certs.
    not sure how it got changed to accept anyway.
    I must have messed up somewhere