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Keep Items in Deleted Items Folder

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  • Keep Items in Deleted Items Folder

    hello every one
    this is my first time using exchange 2007

    are there any way that i can block the users on the exchange from permanantly deleting there emails in deleted item folder please can some one help me please

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    Keep Items in Deleted Items Folder

    Originally posted by gregaSLO View Post

    We have setting "Keep deleted items" configured to 14 days. Is there any way that I can force delete all this messages instantly? I would like to have them for 14 days, but lets say from today on

    hello all
    im looking at almost the same setup but i need to setup the deleted folders so that no one can delete any emails out of deleted items folders can his be done


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      Re: Keep Items in Deleted Items Folder

      Don't hijack threads. Start a new one.

      Short answer to your question is no, you cannot stop users from deleting items. The user owns their mailbox and can do anything they like with it.
      If you need to retain email then you will have to deploy journaling and probably a third party tool to manage the journaled items, so that users cannot remove the items.

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