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  • Exchange Resource Dependencies

    I am currently using Exchange 2003 and am wondering if a certain functionality exists in 2007 or 2010. We have many situations where people will book a conference bridge for two people or two meeting rooms and this is obviously not necessary and ties up the bridge. Is is possible to put in certain resource dependencies for example. If you wanted to book a conference bridge and wanted to enforce that a conference bridge can't be booked unless 3 or more parties are invited to the conference. To take it a step further could I specify that those parties must come from a list of resources. Eg. user tries to book conference bridge for NY and Chicago boardrooms, fails because only two connections. But NY, Chicago, L.A., Miami succeeds because it is 4 connections.

    Is there some functionality built in that allows this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Exchange Resource Dependencies

    The only functionality built in to resources is a maximum, not a minimum. So you could set the room as 20 and cannot invite 21. However there is nothing that I am aware of that will enforce a minimum.

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