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Exchange 2010 OAB is not generating

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  • Exchange 2010 OAB is not generating

    While updating OAB we are getting below error:-

    Warning Event - 9327

    OALGen skipped some entries in the offline address list '\Global Address List'. To see which entries are affected, event logging for the OAL Generator must be set to at least medium.
    - \Exchange 2010 OAB

    Then Error Event - 9328

    OABGen encountered file error ffffffff (internal ID 5050237) while generating the offline address list for address list '\OUP'. Make sure there is enough disk space available.
    - \Exchange 2010 OAB

    Then Error Event - 9373

    OABGen detected that the file '\\GBOXFXMB01\ExchangeOAB\de825f6b-7616-4766-a56e-114d5fe15a66\b7f1513c-5ea3-41e7-9a38-d85699b6d3c5-data-1064.lzx' is corrupted or missing. This indicates data tampering or disk problems. Restore files in this folder from the recent backup or clean up folder content and force a full OAB generation.
    - \Exchange 2010 OAB

    Error Event -9369

    OABGen encountered an error while publishing the OAB files to the distribution point '\Exchange 2010 OAB'. Check other logged events to see more information about the problem.
    - \Exchange 2010 OAB

    Does anyone have any Idea about this and how to resolve the issue?

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    It looks as if it is some form of file corruption - check out this link (for 2007 but should be applicable to 2010 too)

    CHeck your AV logs to see if they are interfering with the OAB, and do the clear and full rebuild (or restore OAB from an unaffected backup)
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