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Public folder Instances not clearing from old server 2003

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  • Public folder Instances not clearing from old server 2003

    I am migrating from exch 2003 to exch 2010. Ive moves all mailboxes successfully, folks can send, recieve, both internal and external. They can view public Folders on exch 2010 both via OWA and internal Outlook clients (who are all Outlook 2010. My problem is I understand in order to shut down and remove exchnage 2003 from my old server that the Public folders Instances detail pane must be empty. Yet I still show system folders etc within it. Replication status shows all folders, with number of Replicas as 2. Replication Status shows as In Synce for most system folders, and shows Local Modified and Both modified.
    My question is if I see all my data in the new exchange server 2010 public folders and I dismount the Exch 2003 public folders Store. Why do I show replication staus folders still?
    For sake of detail I really only need one Calendar folder which is impotant and it does show fine in the new server.
    Can I now remove the old exchange 2003 server from my old server.
    Any Help IS appreciated!!

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    Re: Public folder Instances not clearing from old server 2003

    Did you use the move all replicas script to move the content?
    If not, then you should do. It can take some time for Exchange to flush the instances out, you haven't said how long you waited.

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