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Exchange 2010 EMC not showing all config items

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  • Exchange 2010 EMC not showing all config items

    Just today i got on the 2010 EMC and it connected fine but only shows organization and recipient config, under organization it only shows hub transport but you can't change anything and there are not options, same thing with recipient, you can look at the mailboxes, but can't change anything...not sure why this is doing it? anyone?
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    Re: Exchange 2010 EMC not showing all config items

    First things first, you might want to block the Server address in that image, it looks to be a external address.

    Other then that, did you open the EMC as a user that has the correct rights?
    Does this server have the roles installed to display the other options (I can not think of a way this could be, but please check the roles are installed fine.

    It really sounds like a secruity issue, you might want to try right clicking and seeing if "Run As" is a option and check what user you are trying to open it as.

    If in asking for more details about a problem I seem to be rude, think about it this way, If I did not have to ask, I would not of been forced to be rude.

    Please assume anything and everything I say to be wrong unless I have provided links and evidence, or you have done the same.
    IE: you blow your server up following my advice, not my bad

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