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Adding another internet connection for mail flow

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  • Adding another internet connection for mail flow

    we currently have a small business network, consisting of one internet router, a switch, two domain controllers, one exchange server, and a number of clients.

    our network is also linked by site to site vpn (through the router) to two remote sites and dfs replication replicates files to the two sites.

    we are finding that network congestion is high, especially when large files are replicated to the other sites.

    what I'm thinking of doing is adding a second internet line which would handle exchange mail flow, VOIP, and potentially RDP access to the main office machines.

    so, what would be the easiest way of doing this?

    i guess I could have this second internet feed/router connected directly to additional lan ports of the exchange server, and make a new public dns record such as but how would this affect clients that roam in and out of the office accessing the original

    also, how then could I use the second internet line for other services such as VOIP and maybe rdp to individual machines?

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    First of all, don't plug an internet connection directly into a computer.

    If your firewall has the capability of doing multi-WAN connections then use that. You'll need PBR capabilities on the firewall too. Also, you need to make sure the throughput of the firewall can handle what you need it to do.

    Honestly there's a lot of variables to consider and there's several ways to get it done. You may want to find someone to come in and help design the setup.

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