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Exchange 2010 - Multiple servers on different service packs

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  • Exchange 2010 - Multiple servers on different service packs

    Hi all

    I have a Exchange 2010 environment, 1 server is the CAS/HUB and 2nd server is mailbox server.
    Both are running RTM (yeah I inherited this)

    In essence I want to upgrade to sp3 ready for hybrid deployment with office 365, the issue is that space on the mailbox server is limited so restricting the upgrade and I am fighting a contiunally growing DB.

    What I wondered is...........

    Can i upgrade the CAS/HUB server to SP3 (after readying the domain) leave it run and still have mailflow ?
    Build another mailbox server and patch to sp3 and latest roll ups, introduce it to the environment.
    Transfer mailboxes across to SP3 mailbox server and still have mailflow ?
    And in time remove the original RTM mailbox server, after moving all roles, pf's etc.

    I realise this isnt recommended in Msofts world but is it possible to help me out of the hole i find myself in.