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DAG - Exchange 2013 (Hosted Exchange)

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  • DAG - Exchange 2013 (Hosted Exchange)

    We are running Hosted Exchange 2013 (Mailbox + CAS Server - CU13).

    Two Database: One is 600GB and other is 50GB. Both database is healthy and index is also healthy.

    Two NIC: One is public IP and other is private IP. Public IP is used for OWA and Outlook Anywhere.

    Now We would like to create the DAG for disaster recover or fail over Cluster (like primary mailbox/server is down, we will activate 2nd server) I installed the 2nd Exchange server with same configuration (Two NIC's, one public and other is private).

    I install the separate server for witness server (One NIC private). I didn't include 3rd NIC for replication. I believe private NIC will work for us.

    DAG has been configured and database2 (50GB) is copy successfully on 2nd Server but I notice that data transmission on WAN network (Public IP) instead of LAN network (Private IP). I assign Public Adapter first and then Private Adapter under “Adapters and Bindings”.

    When I start the copy database (first database size 600GB), it failed and receive below error:

    The seeding operation failed. Error: An error occurred while performing the seed operation. Error: Communication was terminated by server 'GTE13: Data could not be read because the communication channel was closed. [Database: Mailbox Database 2087209, GTE13V2.domain]

    I am new in DAG/Cluster environment so I am really confused about this behavior. Please help me so resolve this issue. I share all the information.

    Cluster Error: Cluster network name resource 'Cluster Name' failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason: DNS operation refused. Ensure that the network adapters associated with dependent IP address resources are configured with at least one accessible DNS server.


    GTE13 – Exchange 2013 Server 1

    GTE13V2 - Exchange 2013 Server 2

    All four server (AD/Witness/Exchange) are Virtual Machine - Hyper V, Windows Version (Windows server 2012R2)

    Exchange servers have same version and install same windows updates on both server.

    Public IP TCP/IPv4 Configuration:

    IP Address: ***.**.***.**

    Subnet Mask:

    Default Gateway: ***.**.***.**

    DNS1/DNS2: None

    Private IP TCP/IPv4 Configuration:

    IP Address:

    Subnet Mask:

    Default Gateway: None

    DNS1: Active directory IP

    DNS2: None