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sbs 2008 exchange mailbox recovery issue

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  • sbs 2008 exchange mailbox recovery issue


    My client is using SBS 2008 standard edition, and I try to restore user mailbox from the backup but having problem with the ex-merge. I am using windows SBS 2008 backup and restore.

    This is the step that I have done so far.
    1. I have restore april exchange backup using windows sbs 2008 restore,
    2. I start up Exchange console, go to toolbox and start database recovery management
    3. create recovery storage group point to restore directory and mailbox path
    4. try to mount the database but it generate error message
    5. repair the database
    6. for some reason the troubleshooting assistant crash during the restore with error message:
    Faulting application ExTRA.exe version, timestamp 0x47342a91, faulting module KERNEL32.dll version 6.0.6002.18005
    and it slow the server right down and use all the memory 8GB and doesn't release it until I reboot the server.

    So after reboot I delete the recovery group and delete the restored file and try again with the fresh restored file and end up with the same error and same server lock up. So I decided not a good idea to try again on live server since it effect every one.

    so I restore the april exchange data and save it into my usb portable disk and I also take the usb portable backup disk so I can try to do it from my test machine.

    So I try to do a complete restore on my machine using the usb backup disk.
    The live server spec is HP ML350, with P410 Smart Array, 8 GB RAM.
    Disk layout
    Disk 0 & Disk 1 - 146GB Mirrored (OS) - C drive
    Disk 2 & Disk 3 - 146GB Mirrored (Exchage) - E drive
    Disk 4 & Disk 5 - 500GB Mirrored (Data) - F drive
    NB: D drive is used by DVD drive

    My test machine is Dell XPS, 15GB RAM, SATA 1TB Disk
    so I insert SBS 2008 standard DVD, and do system recovery from the backup drive.
    for some reason it hit the problem with drive e not enough space.

    I check the bios computer to set the 1st boot is DVD drive follow by harddisk but it doesn't help. I even go to command prompt at the recover, create partition manually to 160GB (C drive), 160GB (e drive) and 550GB (f drive) manually and manually assigned the drive label manually for some reason the recovery still stubborn saying not enough space to restore.

    so after 3 days try to work out the full restore and failing I thought I install sbs 2008 standard from scratch, so I manage to install the sbs on the test machine, during the SBS install it ask for company name and servername before it create active directory stuff so I keep it the same.

    so I copy the restore april exchange data from my portable disk to the test machine. this time I manage to get through the exchange database repair without any problem, I can mount the recovery database.
    when I run merge copy section:
    I can see the list of mailbox from the recovery database but I can't click it.
    so I go back to advance option to match based on display name since the guid is different, I can tick the user mailbox that I want to recover but I got the following error message
    Error restoring the mailbox (/O=First Organisation/OU=Exchange Administrative Group(FYIBOHF23SPDLT)/CN=Recipient/CN=<username>). Error message is: The specified mailbox "1055e46f-0d5b-4600-934a-8a388bc24e05" does not exist on database "<servername>\Recovery Storage Group\Mailbox Database"

    which is strange since I can see it from the list of mailbox at recovery storage group before perform merge.
    so I delete that user account from sbs console and re-created the user again just incase I miss spell or something and try the merge again and the same error comes out.

    so I try to merge all mailbox to singe destination mailbox, select match by display name, I type in the same username as target and target folder called restore and click pre-merge link to go to next screen and tick the mailbox that I want to restore from and click perform merge, and I get the following error message:
    Error restoring the mailbox (/O=First Organisation/OU=Exchange Administrative Group(FYIBOHF23SPDLT)/CN=Recipient/CN=<username>). Error message is: The specified mailbox "1055e46f-0d5b-4600-934a-8a388bc24e05" does not exist on database "<servername>\Recovery Storage Group\Mailbox Database"

    so I try to use different user as target (dev) and type in target folder called restore and click perform merge, it says the merge copy has been successfull, but I could not find restore folder anywhere on dev outlook after merge is complete, the strange thing is while its merging I can see the restore folder in outlook but for somereason it vanish after the merge is complete, I check dev user property and there is no quota limit set for exchange or filesystem.
    so can you tell me what happend with the merge data in restore folder, please; where I can find it so I can exported and give it to client.
    I also check the Get-MailboxStatistics -Database "First Storage Group\Mailbox Database" dev only has 2 itemcount which is what before the merge, and the user mailbox has something like 10,000 itemcounts on the restore file when I do the mailbox stat on RSG database.

    so I search the net to find way to export the mailbox to external file or pst and I can open with outlook and I found this arctile using stellar phoenix recovery from petri site so I download the software and installed.
    I copy a fresh april restore from my portable disk to different directory on the server and point the edb location to fred restore file path and click start. the program scan the ebd file and on the mailbox selection it only display 1 entry and it's extended character.

    I try some of the article from the net on recovering using exchange command line equivalent, but none seems to work at least the gui is stuck on the last bit only when try to merge.

    I am not expert at exchange internal and I am run out of idea on how to restore the mailbox on exchange, please help.

    Thank you in advance

    - Haris -