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Redirecting outgoing email

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  • Redirecting outgoing email

    Exchange 2007 on SBS 2008. At the moment we are POP3ing email into the server. I have configured a test user and am POPing their email. They can send to me (Admin) internally but if they send to someone else on the same domain (but whos email is still received on the ISP server - not POP3'ed) they get a rejection (as Exchange does not find them locally).

    I have thought I could configure a CNAME record with a suffix e.g. to our to point to and configure Exchange (with a redirect somehow) to send non locally undelivered mail to it but cannot see how this is done precisely. Would this work and what is the mechanism to do it?

    Is there another (easier) way as this is temporary untill I can add users 1x1?

    PS, of course I could take a big bang approach and configure (say on a non work day) them all at once but I am a volunteer and this is easier for me and I learn more by trying these things out. Many thanks.

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    Re: Redirecting outgoing email

    There is a lot more involved with it than that.

    Exchange basically presumes that it is responsible for all email for a domain. If it isn't, then you have to configure Exchange to send the email out.

    DNS tricks will not work.

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