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  • RBAC Woes

    Hello Cool People,

    My journey with RBAC brought me here hoping to find some enlightenment with my queries . I'm fairly new to RBAC and I just created a first ever custom role just to allow user to add an email alias to a specific mailbox.

    So I created a new management role, then a new management scope and then created a new role group and pipe-in the scope and role to that group. Unfortunately, I mistakenly added the target mailbox to the scope. So I have a "[email protected]" with a login name of [email protected]. I added a scope like:

    New-ManagementScope -Name:"Mailbox1 Scope" -RecipientRestrictionFilter { Name -eq "Mailbox1" }

    Now, when I try to manage this mailbox as a user that is a member of the created custom role, it gives me an error "mailbox isn't withing your current write scopes. Cant perform save operation"

    I hope someone kind enough can help me with my queries,

    -Is there a way I can edit the scope to modify the target mailbox or simply add another mailbox to that scope?
    -Can I assign a new scope to the existing management role and group?
    -How can I determine the users mailbox name? I have the impression that it should be the "[email protected]"/

    Thanks in advance for any help and response.