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Hard copy of e-mail in files

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  • Hard copy of e-mail in files

    My customer is an architectect with a small but busy office. Everything is filed by job numbers and there are thousands of documents, things like requests for changes, approvals for changes, drawings, etc. You name it, they record it.

    They want e-mails relating to the various projects to be included in the projects folders stored in their filing system on the server. Lately they have been taking e-mails and exporting them as .eml files and storing them in two folders with each project file, "email in" and "email out". There is not way to search the contents of an .eml on a file server that I can see, plus this duplicates what is already in the mailbox.

    They are using SBS 2008 and Exchange Server 2007. What they are doing seems so archaic yet I don't have a better solution to offer. I demonstrated how well Exchange can index and search mailboxes and archive files, but I still see e-mail and files as two distinct and separate entities.

    I have a folder on my Exchange server for every customer, but I also have a folder on my file server for the same customers. I do not see an application (or need) to merge the two. Asso, I don't want to change their Exchange server into a filing cabinet any more than it already is.

    I am open to ideas and suggestions.

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