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Mail archival feature in Exchange 2k7

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  • Mail archival feature in Exchange 2k7

    Hi Friends

    We are using enterprise edition of Exchange server with SP2 and rullup 4. I am looking a solution to enable the mail archival within exchange server. I am configuring the journaling a storage group for some users.

    How can i provide the rights/link to my users to search or find the own emails from this Storage group. I don't want to purchase any 3rd party software. It is possible in exchange server.


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    Re: Mail archival feature in Exchange 2k7

    The Archive mailbox is not designed to be used in the way that you have outlined.

    If you configure all users to have access to a single archive mailbox, then you will almost certainly break a large number of privacy laws. You cannot restrict what someone can see.
    Your only option would be to have a separate journal mailbox for every user.

    However I fail to see what the point in doing that is.
    The main reason journaling is used is to have a copy of all email outside of the user's mailbox, so that it can be searched for legal reasons. Allowing a user access to that mailbox defeats that object.
    It also doesn't help from a storage point of view, as you would have to maintain two sets of data in each database.

    Automated native archiving at the Exchange level is only available in Exchange 2010.

    A third party application is the best choice here, something like GFI Mail Archiver. That will pull the emails out of that database and allow you to control access as well as manage the storage.

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      Re: Mail archival feature in Exchange 2k7

      Hi Simon

      Thanks very much. I will try the GFImail archiver solution or migrate to Exc 2010.