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Encoding mismatch

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  • Encoding mismatch

    Hi Folks

    Few weeks ago I "inherit" network with Exchange 2010.


    Two Exch 2010 (Lets name them LOCAL and REMOTE for further problem description) servers running all roles. Completely set to UTF-8 having no problem.
    There is an app running sending some mail notifications with iso-8859-2 encoding (impossible to configure this app) to some DLs via Connector on one of these Exch. servers (lets name it LOCAL)

    Symptom is:
    - maiboxes at the LOCAL Exch. server displays these notification correctly
    - maiboxes at the REMOTE displays bunch of "scrambled" text.

    If I try to send notification directly to mailbox at the REMOTE, it also displays correct, but it not working via DL.

    I guess this is because interserver Exch. transport presumes using UTF-8 and ignores header.

    Is there any solution?