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Exchange and Certificates

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  • Exchange and Certificates

    We are using SBS 2011 with Exchange 2010. About a year ago, we had to renew our SSL certificate for OWA...which we did. At the same time, we moved our website and DNS to Wordpress. I had to delete the DNS entries we had in SBS 2011 and create only a SRV record. However, since then, our existing Outlook clients cannot retrieve mail tips or set out of office messages. OWA, however works just fine. There is a certificate error when you connect to OWA...but bypassing it works. Now we have a new client using Outlook 2016 and it will not connect to Exchange at all. The certificate error is stopping it. If I attempt to create a DNS entry into SBS for our website, we cannot connect to the website internally at all. Only the SRV record allows us to do that. My immediate issue is to resolve the Outlook/Exchange certificate error. (I'll repost this in a DNS forum, too). Any ideas from anyone?