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Exchange 2013 New Install

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  • Exchange 2013 New Install

    I have an issue where laptops can connect inside and outside of my network, also mobile devices such as Android & iPhone can connect outside without entering in server name and domain..... but if a user is on the LAN and tries to connect I get username password error on the device.
    If I go ahead and manually enter in the username,password, works perfectly both inside and outside
    it is the same for all users but only internally and only on Android, Apple devices. this is a new install of exchange 2013 in a lab environment for the purpose of getting my MCSE
    ​I really don't think it is a DNS issue because I can browse to the site (inside and outside using the external URL's)
    I don't think it is a firewall issue as my pervious lab worked without issue and I have changed nothing (its a Cisco asa 5505)
    I am new to this so I would appreciate any and all help



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    Have you configured the certificates or are you using self signed? Also what negotiation have you setup on the server - Ive known auto negotiation to cause problems and so manually set it to NTLM.


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      I have a certificate from go daddy. the remote connectivity analyser reports no errors. to give an update on this issue.
      clients inside and outside not need to be manually setup. after they are setup they work inside and outside no problem. but I want them to autodiscover inside and outside
      I am willing to give remote access to my lab to anyone who can help with this because it is wrecking my brain.


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        I'll have a look - pm me some details or your email address and I'll see if I can sort it. Not promising anything but I might be able to spot the problem