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  • Public Folder Migration Clarification

    Hey guys, long story short, I'm moving an old Exchange Organization from 2003 to 2010, so I can then use the 2010 installation to easily migrate to Office 365 later in the year. The migration is completely done with the exception of decommissioning the PF database on the 2003 server so I can uninstall it from the environment.

    I understand the process, but I need some clarification on steps due to some conflicting things I've seen online about doing vs. not doing. Here is what I have done so far:

    All the public folders and the required system folders (free/busy folders, etc.) have the new server as a replication partner and all have successfully replicated. Everything is working fine, no users are left on the old 2003 server.

    I'm going to remove the old server as a replication partner for all the folders that I added the new server to above individually. Very small PF database.

    Now once I do that, I'm not clear on whether I need to do the Move All Replicas from ESM? Since everyone has been on 2010 for weeks and all the public folders are there, what am I moving?

    Last step also seems that I need to create a public folder container under the new routing group and drag the public folder tree from the old to the new to move the hierarchy? Do I need to do that?