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Exchange 2010 smpt connector problem.

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  • Exchange 2010 smpt connector problem.

    I have a client that im running windows sbs 2011 with exchange 2010.
    it s set up as a shared mailbox, since are ISP closed port 25 im in the dumps.
    so now I have to go trough the domain s smtp, they have port 25 closed also (spam problem)
    so they told me to use port 465 or 587 but with SSL.
    Now I have no problems changing the port number in the exchange console, but problem is with SSL, It s is if exchange 2010 only support TLS.
    I have tried every thing but no luck.
    when I try directly with office outlook, no problems just change port for smtp and mark a check for ssl. all email leave no problem, but with exchange no luck.
    Did anyone encounter the same problem has me at some point ?
    I would very much appreciate some expert advice.

    Thanks to all that could give me a hand