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What's the norm for users leaving the business?

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  • What's the norm for users leaving the business?

    Just wanted to ask you guys what is the normal setup for when a user leaves the business and leaves behind a 500 MB mailbox.

    I'm thinking I should put an OOO on the mailbox for three months while giving access to the user's manager to move the contents. Once the manager has completed this, we remove the mailbox from Exchange.
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    Re: What's the norm for users leaving the business?


    In my last job, I set an out of office, changed the password, archived the mailbox, and moved the account to a "obsolete" OU.
    One month later, the account gets deleted.
    The exchange account gets managed within the management policies of exchange, dependent on how you have that configured.

    In my role before that, it was the responsibility of the supervisor to submit an exit notification, and then we removed all building access, computer access, mainframe access and so on, that very day.
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      Re: What's the norm for users leaving the business?

      I normally set an OOF on demand (very much depends on the managers decision) and forwarding to an individual or group, then change the password

      Time it stays is up to the client -- could be a couple of months, could be forever

      But get it in writing to CYA
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        Re: What's the norm for users leaving the business?

        Do not delete the user account. Disable and store it into some obsolete user OU. The advantage is that when you browse through user's files and whatnot, you still see the owner as an user instead of having just the question mark icon and raw SID numbers. Quite useful, especially when digging through backups and old stuff.



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          Re: What's the norm for users leaving the business?

          I wouldn't say there is a normal or standard practise, because it differs from company to company.
          I have seen sites drop everything the minute you are out the door, and basically deny the person existed, to the complete opposite, with someone else answering the emails.

          You have to do what you think is right for your business.

          I agree about not deleting the account immediately. I also don't disable them. I simply change the password for something long. If someone attempts to use the account it will get locked out. Leave it locked out.

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