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Limited Access/View Resource Mailbox

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  • Limited Access/View Resource Mailbox


    I'm running Exchange 2010 SP1.

    I've been asked to setup a resource mailbox (for a parking space outside our building) that can only be reserved by certain users. It's also been requested that this resource be hidden for everyone except the particular users who are allowed to reserve it.

    I know how to create the resource mailbox. I think I know how to limit who can reserve the resource via the In/Out of Policy Requests.

    What's really got me stumped is how to hide this from everyone except those particular users. Is there any way this can easily be done? My Google skills seem to be failing me this morning.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Robin H.

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    Re: Limited Access/View Resource Mailbox

    Your Google skills aren't failing, because it isn't possible.
    You cannot hide an object from selective people. It is either on or off.

    The only way would be to create new address books for all staff, one for those that can see it, and one for those who can't. However that isn't supported on Exchange 2010 at this time. The Exchange 2007 instructions DO NOT work.

    I don't think there is a way that you can get round this either if you want to use it as a resource?

    Does it have to be a resource that can be booked through Outlook as part of a meeting? If not, and you simply want an electronic version of a diary, then use a public folder. You can hide those from everyone but those who should be able to see it and control deleting of the item (so people cannot remove an existing entry for their own).

    Simon Butler
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