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    Can any one suggest a really good backup software for exchange 2007 /2010 that can allow for brick level exchange recovery? like i want to restore an individual mailbox item.. symantec or any other alternative would be awesome.

    We are currently using Barracuda ware and i am none all too impressed with it. it works but not friendly interface or recovery and always hangs.

    thanks to all who reply

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    Re: Backup software

    BackupExec uses what they call granular recovery technology to allow you to backup up the Information Store (as a whole, not as brick level backups) and restore individual mailboxes, public folders, and email items.

    I've used BackupExec with GRT backups of my Exchange server for years without any issue.


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      Re: Backup software

      Brick level?
      I haven't used brick level ever. It isn't required, it is a waste of time. It isn't a complete back of the Exchange database and should only be used as a secondary option if at all.

      I have never needed a brick level backup to restore data. With correct configuration of Exchange it shouldn't be required.

      For backup itself, I use either NTBACKUP (on Windows 2003) or Backup Assist. Haven't used Backup Exec in many years, their pricing policy makes it stupid with their agents for this that and the other.

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        Re: Backup software

        I do use BackupExec (we get it NFR as Symantec partners) but I agree with Sembee - GRT is a waste of time. With retention periods in Exchange it isn't necessary, and (with my security hat on ) I really don't like having to give service accounts any more permissions than absolutely necessary.
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