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Problems with OWA after upgrading to SP1

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  • Problems with OWA after upgrading to SP1

    Hi all!

    We have upgraded from Exchange Server 2010 RTM to SP1. After we had done that I got seriously problems with CAS/OWA. I can log in but what is happening now is the following:

    1) We can't delete messages (from any folder). We get this message: "An unexpected error occurred and your request couldn't be handled."

    2) We can't save changes to any options such as signatures, out of office, inbox rules etc. etc. The message here is : "Sorry! We're having trouble processing your request at the moment. Please try again later."

    Any suggestions anyone?

    I have read at various post on the internet that reinstalling the CAS role is not recommended. I have also called MS for support but the answers I get from them can be used i Donald Duck & co.

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    Re: Problems with OWA after upgrading to SP1

    Hi ,

    Your issue is more related to attribute not set correctly on user object ...Here is a solution for this...try this...


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      Re: Problems with OWA after upgrading to SP1

      Hi Kathy!

      I tried it on myself as a user, but it didn't work. The problem is probably more complicated than this. I also get these error messages when I try to enter ECP.

      I think it is the whole IIS that's the problem so we would probably have to reinstall the CAS role.


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        Re: Problems with OWA after upgrading to SP1

        If you have logged a call with Microsoft and they didn't provide the answers, then get it escalated.

        Otherwise I would tend to agree that the problem looks like it is in IIS and the CAS role needs to be repaired. Removing CAS and IIS can often fix the issue. You may have to disable the Exchange services while you do so.

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