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Exchange 2010 Sp1 DAG Multisite

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  • Exchange 2010 Sp1 DAG Multisite

    Hi all, Is it possible to achieve the given scenario? Listing it out in brief..Ur comments about the pros and cons are highly appreciable

    1. Two geographically dispersed locations (ex-site-a & site-b). Connected with a 4Mbps VPN.
    2. Active directory is stretched across both the locations under the same AD site
    3. Site-A has an exchange server installed with exchange 2010 MB+HT+CAS roles combined, serving 30 users with one Mailbox Database.
    4. Site-B has an exchange server installed with exchange 2010 MB+HT+CAS roles combined, serving 40 users with one Mailbox Database


    a) Can I create a DAG between these two servers?
    b) If so, can i replicate DB copies from one location to the other
    c) I want to achieve the best possible UPTIME for all the users, If site-a exchange goes down the failover should happen to site-b and vice-versa

    I am really confused, and I have no hardware to test this scenario. will be waiting for ur comments

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    Re: Exchange 2010 Sp1 DAG Multisite

    Technically possible.
    Practically not.

    The main problem is the FSW. Lose the WAN connection and you have a split brain scenario and the site without the FSQ basically stuck. You would only get failover for one site.

    As WAN failure is the most common scenario (I have had more problems with internet connections than anything else, as most of it is outside of my control) you wouldn't get any gain.

    You would actually be better off with Exchange 2007 in this scenario. Using SCR would allow you to have a copy of the database elsewhere. It wouldn't be live failover.

    For the number of users I would be looking to locate the email on the same server, or put a single server in to a datacentre.

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