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Exchange 2010 migration project time

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  • Exchange 2010 migration project time


    Currently i am planning a project plan for exchange 2010 migration from exchange 2003.

    Can someone provide me with the information on how long does it take for a successful migration from exchange 2003 based on personal experiences.

    The plan i am proposing is an upgrade of windows 2003 exchange cluster to new exchange 2010 with windows server 2008 R2.

    I also googled it, but didnt find any user experiences and how long does it takes.


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    Re: Exchange 2010 migration project time

    Well, 10,000 users might take a bit longer than 100
    (i.e. without more details it is impossible to answer)

    Tell us about your current infrastructure, proposed 2K10 setup, number (and size) of databases and users and anything else that may be relevant.

    The good news is that you can run both in parallel while you move accounts over then decommission the old server.
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      Re: Exchange 2010 migration project time

      That guide looks to be very helpful.


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        Re: Exchange 2010 migration project time

        Total user mailboxes are 50.

        Proposed setup will be:
        Two Servers with Win2008 (File Server) - Exchange 2010 DAG - Single SAN


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          Re: Exchange 2010 migration project time

          I estimate it will take 14 minutes, 28 seconds and 41 microseconds
          per mailbox
          if the moon is full
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            Re: Exchange 2010 migration project time

            It even depends upon the kind of hardware you have, the connectivity between the servers, switches you use. I recently migrated an exchange server from 2003 to 2010. The DB is size is of around 180GB. It took approximately 8hrs to migrate the entire thing...B prepared to face any problems prior migrating......and in the end "Alwayz backup ur DB priormigration or Moving the MBxes"


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              Re: Exchange 2010 migration project time

              There is no answer to your question.
              I have done migrations involving 100s of users in a few hours, and taken two days to move 50 users. Every job is different.

              Moving the data is only part of it. For a full migration I would say three weeks, but only a small amount of that three week period is anything actually happening.

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                Re: Exchange 2010 migration project time

                I'm looking into this myself, as I'd like to figure out whether I will need to have EX2003 and EX2010 coexist during the migration, or if can I move all the mailboxes over within a single day. While I understand that every migration will be different, surely there are some reference timings for Step 5 of this diagram?

                Our priv1.edb is about 25GB in size and there are 100 users, both servers are 8x core, 16GB memory, 10K RAID-5, and on the same gigabit segment. I think that is probably run-of-the-mill when it comes to hardware for Exchange, so baring no issues during the move, how long are we looking at for completing, say, the MoveMailbox.ps1 script? Or if we use the EMC and just create local move requests for all of the legacy mailboxes, what should we be expecting to see as a reasonable "Elapsed time"?

                Of course there is the public folder migration, but that is minimal, and we don't use OWA or Active-Sync, so the whole legacy host name part is not needed. Mainly I'm looking for a ballpark figure of how long users will be unable to get email. The rest of the migration can be done without disruption.