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Server Restore

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  • Server Restore

    Hi All

    I have a question that I hope someone can clarify.

    If a company has a single box acting as the DC and also running each of the Exchange 2007 roles on it and it experiences a catastrophic failure how should they go about recovering the server.

    They would have a backup of the information store (.ebd file and transaction logs) and also the sys state.

    What would the process be to restore the server?

    My understanding is:

    1. Reinstall the Server OS on a new server
    2. Restore the system state from backup

    At this point the DC should be back up running?

    Next would they need to reinstall exchange 2007 and give the organization the same name?

    What would be the correct process for recovering exchange and the mailbox data given the the setup /m:recoverserver switch would not run correctly as its on a dc, use of recovery storage groups etc….

    Hope someone can clarify?

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    Re: Server Restore

    If the domain has been recovered correctly, then that would include the Exchange information. Therefore a DR install of Exchange would have to take place.
    Then you could restore the data.

    It is messy, which is one of the primary reasons for Exchange being on a member server.

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