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Uninstalling Exchange 2010

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  • Uninstalling Exchange 2010

    I am in the process of building an Exchange server 2010 that is giving me issues. The server is not currently live, but i am planning to rebuild the whole thing from scratch. I have dismounted the mailbox store.

    Do i need to do anything else before uninstalling?. It wont kill any user objects in Active Directory at all?. Should i disconnect from office network?. I will be re-building the whole server from scratch, so will i need to re-run all the powershell pre installation tasks?.


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    Re: Uninstalling Exchange 2010

    You have three options.
    1. Build a new server with a new name, move the mailboxes that you have created to that new server (even though they may not contain any content), then uninstall Exchange correctly.

    2. Uninstall Exchange, this will require the removal of all Exchange enabled objects so the uninstall takes place.

    3. DR. Wipe the machine without dropping it from the domain, then rebuild the machine with the same name and add it to the domain. Then install Exchange using the recoverserver switch from the command line.

    Of the three, my preference would be 1, even if that meant I used a temporary and/or virtual server.

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