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NLB and Autodiscover service

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  • NLB and Autodiscover service

    In my Exchange 2007 environment, I have deployed two Client Access Serves both with CAS and HT role installed. and

    I am planning to configure hardware load balancing with F5. Can someone explain how to configure autodiscover service?
    • Should I use IP address for both CAS servers to create DNS record for autodiscover service or use IP address of NLB name, which is
    • Do I need to modify anything in LDAP, if I use NBL IP address for autodiscover.

    Details will be most helpful


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    Re: NLB and Autodiscover service

    Autodiscover internally uses the domain to get its information, so there is very little that you can do with regards to NLB to change that.
    You could change the internal autodiscover URL to use the load balancer, but I see little value in doing so.

    Autodiscover externally could be pointed at the load balance address because it is using https traffic - the same way that OWA traffic will be load balanced.

    At its core, autodiscover is just DNS entries to point the client to the correct server. Nothing more.

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