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Bought New company... Need Domain Migration Plan

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  • Bought New company... Need Domain Migration Plan

    Hi All,

    Our company has just bought a new company and now I have to plan the migration which from my understanding include

    - Domain\Forest trust?
    - AD migration - using AD migration tool?
    - Mailbox Migration using Move-Mailbox feature in Exchange 2007?

    I have never ever done any migration, any step-by-step advise would be a great help.

    Thanks heaps

    Some Additional Info:

    Our company A

    - AD 2008, domain and forest functional 2008
    - Exchange 2007

    New Company B

    - AD 2003
    - Exchange 2003

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    Re: Bought New company... Need Domain Migration Plan

    So where do I send my invoice?

    Your best option is to engage a consultant, because an integration of two systems is not something that can be undertaken lightly. The technical side is only part of it - a very small part of it.

    I have done three integrations, and all of them have taken well over six months because of business issues.

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      Re: Bought New company... Need Domain Migration Plan

      Nope... Thanks for your advise mate.

      Even consultants do techinal steps to make it happen.. if they can do it, so can i ... Good for me


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        Re: Bought New company... Need Domain Migration Plan

        Like you said, you will need to create a trust between the two sites. For Exchange, you will then need to move mailboxes from one to the other site. Run a test move first to make sure the mailbox moves and that it is accessible from both sites. This will take quite some time so you might want to consider doing it quicker by taking one of the mailstores offline in Site A and copying it across to Site B then importing it back in.

        The AD migration can be done using the MS AD migration tool.

        Note that there will be a lot of work involved as Simon stated, it will take around 6 months to complete. You will need to move data b/w Sites while keeping user access, and when production data is involved, you are waiting for the business unit to bring down their production systems for you to copy the data across. Printers, etc.....plan it out very carefully and expect to do the migration in small steps.

        Good luck.
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          Re: Bought New company... Need Domain Migration Plan

          Thanks heaps...

          Current me if I am wrong...

          I have done the two way trust between domains... so should I move the mailbox first or the user ?

          Also, I am just gathering information on the web and making the points..

          AD & Exchange Migration Plan

          1- Establishing required trusts between domains - Done
          2- Configuring target domain OU - Done
          3- Installing ADMT on target domain - Done


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            Re: Bought New company... Need Domain Migration Plan

            yeah, I am making sure that I understand each step well in advance and have a fallback plan as well where possible.

            This new company has just 50 users so I think I can take my chances here ...