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2010 lab setup - MX record help rqd

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  • 2010 lab setup - MX record help rqd

    I have been working my way through a lab setup of Exchange 2010 and I am trying to get internet email working.

    Areas of this are new to me, and I do not have a full understanding, so forgive me if my question is obvious or makes little sense..

    I used the naming conventions given in the CBT to name my AD domain (yes, its Trainsignal).

    I created at GoDaddy and have set up an A record as follows -

    Host = @
    Points to IP address = my internet IP

    I also created an MX record as follows -

    Hostname = @
    Goes to address =

    I have opened port 25 in my firewall, and directed this traffic to my CAS.

    Within 2010, I added an accepted domain as (so now I have and, globomantics is authoritative).

    I can send email fine internally, but messages sent to the internet never arrive.

    Could anyone point out where Ive gone wrong here?

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    Re: 2010 lab setup - MX record help rqd

    you need an explicit host name for your mail server IP.
    The @ wont work. Something like = then your mx record would be
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      Re: 2010 lab setup - MX record help rqd

      Thank you, its *almost* working now, I can send mail successfully to the internet.

      Currently unable to receive mail, the Outlook client reports 'receiving' indefinitely. I have set all receive connectors to allow Anonymous permissions.
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