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Restore DataSet and OST mail Item ?

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  • Restore DataSet and OST mail Item ?

    If I restore storage to exchange 2007 to 2 days ago and users have ost file with last 1 day the emails between restore mailbox and already downloaded on client effects or not?

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    Re: Restore DataSet and OST mail Item ?

    It should back fill.
    However I always suggest that before the server is brought online, each client should export their email to a PST file. Do a copy. Then if anything is lost, it can be recovered by bringing it across from the PST copy.

    Although why are you restoring a full database copy? If you are just looking to get some data back, restore in to a recovery database and extract from that.

    Otherwise, do you not have a complete set of transaction logs? Or is this a recovery from a complete server/storage failure?

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