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exchange 2010 and multiple domains

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  • exchange 2010 and multiple domains

    I have an exchange server, 2010, running, no problems. Then i was informed that i needed to host multiple domains on this server. Each domain has its own ip address, certain isp will not accept mail if the sending domain does not have proper reverse dns; I do not host my own dns. Does anybody know how to do this, I currently have another email server with multi-public IP address and never had a problem, but i put the exchange server and domain controller on the other side of the firewall and i am confused on how to do this now. I have read a lot about one to one nating but i not really sure that will work in this configuration.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: exchange 2010 and multiple domains

    The PTR record on an IP address has nothing to do with the email domain.
    If the server needs to host multiple domains then the only way to deploy this effectively is to have everything pointing to the same host for their MX record.

    So you have an MX record host of, and each domain uses that for its MX record host.

    The PTR record (aka reverse DNS) is set to The send connector FQDN is set to

    One IP address, one host.

    When it comes to SSL certificates (as those cannot be ignored) you can either have for each domain, or use SRV records, if the DNS provider for each domain supports SRV records. The common name would be, and that is the address that would be used for OWA, Outlook Anywhere, ActiveSync etc. The domain on the email address has nothing to do with the host names used, except for autodiscover.

    There is no other solution, because Exchange cannot send out email via another IP address based on the sending domain.

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