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Managed Folders and Public Folders Not Working on Exchange 2007

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  • Managed Folders and Public Folders Not Working on Exchange 2007

    Configuration: W2K8 Standard SP2 in new forest running AD and DNS (router handles DHCP) E2K7 Enterprise SP1
    No problem logging into network via AD and accessing network resources (shared printers and folders). Permissions work correctly. No problem accessing the Internet
    Outlook 2007 installed on client machine running XP SP2. No problem connecting to exchange mailbox via Outlook.

    Here is the problem: No Managed Folders show up in Outlook and no comments display for Default Managed Folders on the Outlook Folder Panes.
    Public folders do display but I cannot access any from Outlook (access denied). PFDAVAdmin will not connect to remote server and XP client will not connect to OWA. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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    Re: Managed Folders and Public Folders Not Working on Exchange 2007

    Question title adjusted to be more descriptive.
    Question text adjusted to be more readable.

    Any reason why you are using such old versions?

    I would suggest that you start by bringing your environment up to date.
    If it is a new forest then I cannot understand why you deployed Exchange 2007 SP1 when SP3 has been out for a few months.

    Most of the versions and combinations you have listed are not supported.

    Windows XP SP2 is no longer supported.
    Ensure that Windows XP is on SP3, you have at least IE7, preferably IE8 installed, all post service pack updates.
    Exchange 2007 SP2 (preferably SP3) should be installed for support with Windows 2008 SP2.
    Ensure that Office 2007 is on SP2.

    Once you have updated your environment if the problems continue then come back.

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      Re: Managed Folders and Public Folders Not Working on Exchange 2007

      Thanks for the reply Simon.

      Here is what I have done. Since this machine is not in production yet, I performed a clean install of Windows 2008 Server Standard SP2 (after a dcpromo to remove the domain and forest). Next, I installed all Windows 2008 Updates. I repeated the check for updates and reboot until there were no more updates to obtain. Next, I ran dcpromo and created a new DC in a new Forest (AD & DNS installed as part of the process). Repeated the check for updates cycle until there were no more. Next, I created a 2-way trust with my existing (production) forest. Test file & folder access across domains. Next I created a single new user account on the new DC via AD (member of Domain Users only). Tested domain login from notebook running XP w/ SP3 installed. No errors or any problems to this point - everything works as designed.

      Next, I installed all prerequisite Roles and Features per Microsoft's KB on preparing Windows 2008 Server for Exchange 2007. Installed Exchange 2007 Enterprise SP1 from DVD. Checked for updates and reboot. Installed Exchange SP3 64-bit from MS download. Restarted Server and checked/installed updates. Next I moved the First Storage Group and Mailbox Database to larger partition and setup Continuous Local Copy to second disk. Next I created a mailbox in the Mailbox Database for the previously mentioned user. Next I inserted a comment on the Inbox under Managed Default Folders and created a Test Managed Custom Folder.

      Now, from a new clean user profile on a client XP SP3 computer running Office 2007 SP2 and all updates installed (including ie8; no other browsers installed), I still don't see the comment for the Inbox or the Test Custom Managed Folder. I get the same results whether the Outlook Exchange account is setup in Cached or non-cached mode.

      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
      Thank you,
      Rob Tapp


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        Re: Managed Folders and Public Folders Not Working on Exchange 2007


        Test Client notebook running XP had Access from an Office XP install still retained after the Office Standard 2007 install. Removing all of Office XP (including Access) fixed problem.