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Inbox Items being deleted

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  • Inbox Items being deleted

    Hello All,

    This is my first post here because i want to know if somebody has experienced this issue.

    Some of our users are seeing inbox items being deleted, they dont even go to the deleted items folder or recover deleted items... i first thought of that the users were using POP3 or IMAP but today it happend to a user that only uses Outlook and it's properly configured and happend over the weekend when he doesnt have access to the computer.

    the only thing i can see happening before the emails dissapear randomly is a backup exec 12.5 job for the information stores. all his deleted emails were on the backup. but it's happening randomly and it has happend like 3 times in the past 5 months.

    the exchange logs shows no errors. frustrating not being able to tell this users and my boss whats happening...

    Exchange Server 2007 Std
    Outlook 2007
    Backup Exec 12.5

    Thanks ill appreciate any clues

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    Re: Inbox Items being deleted

    Do they by any chance have a PST file as the main delivery location? If so, items will disappear from the inbox exactly as you describe.

    Does this happen every time you back up the Information Store or is it occasional only?

    Is the user leaving Outlook running over the weekend or have they logged off?
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      Re: Inbox Items being deleted

      3 ideas:

      Anti-Vrius or Ant-Spam software have done this in the past sometimes. Does a scheduled job run over the weekend by any chance?

      Or maybe you configured a policy for managed folders?

      Or some form of archiving?


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        Re: Inbox Items being deleted

        Thanks for the responses,

        @FischFra- So far no archiving and no managed mailbox policy

        will check on the AV (SIFMSMSE 6.0) and the client AV Symantec Endpoint 11

        Will check on the delivery location.

        the user turned off the PC on friday, and it has happen about 3 times in the past months all to different users. they notice about it on mondays when they go to check their emails. The only thing that runs on the weekend is the IS backup that runs every sunday.

        Thanks for your help