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OAB 2007 Client not updating properly

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  • OAB 2007 Client not updating properly

    I have exchange 2007 sp3 installed (clustered), have users that are using outlook 2003 and 2007. If I add a new user or modify an existing user, Outlook 2003 sees the changes in the GAL; however, Outlook 2007 does not update. Both clients are in cache mode.

    On the 2007 clients, if I try to download the OAB manually <send/receive, Download Address Book> I do not get errors and it does not update, I have also tried restarting the Microsoft Exchange File Distribution server on the CAS Servers, this did not work either.

    If I go into OWA everything seems to be working fine, if I take 2007 client out of cache mode it works fine, or delete the .oab files on that client, it works fine until it updates.

    Anyone have any ideas on what else to try?

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    Re: OAB 2007 Client not updating properly


    To update the OAB that is being published for 2007 via the /OAB virtual directory, you'll need to issue the command on each CAS:

    Update-FileDistributionService (hostname)

    that will update the distribution point, by default it is set to every 8 hours.
    for example for FDS updates every hour run:
    Set-OabVirtualDirectory -PollInterval 60

    Hope this helps,