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Exchange Behaviour after Domain Controller Failure

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  • Exchange Behaviour after Domain Controller Failure

    I have a domain with 2 domain controllers primary and secondary
    Along with exchange server 2007 on separate windows server 2003
    My question is that In case in future if my primary domain controller fails,will it affect exchange 2007 ?. Will it be able to contact secondary? Do i have to make any changes on secondary or exchange.

    Gurus in need your advice in this very important matter
    thanking in advance.

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    Re: Need Advice

    There is no such thing as a primary or secondary DC setup in Windows 2003. All DC's are peers. As long as the DC's are global catalogue's Exchange will continue to function normally even if one DC fails. Exchange will automatically pick up the DC's if there in the same site.


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      Re: Need Advice

      First of all thanks for the reply.
      By secondary I mean Additional DC.
      Anyway my doubt has been cleared.


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        Re: Exchange Behaviour after Domain Controller Failure

        With my moderator hat on, I suggest that you read the guidelines for posting, as not only did you post in the wrong forum (an Exchange 2007 question in the Exchange 2003 forum) you used a very poor title which I have corrected.

        With my expert hat on - while Exchange will look for another domain controller it is not immediate. Technically Exchange should look for another DC after 15 minutes, in reality it can be 35 minutes or more before it does so.
        Furthermore Exchange will only use a global catalog, so you need to have two.

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          Re: Exchange Behaviour after Domain Controller Failure

          Just to add to this, general day to day Exchange operations should be fine as long as another DC/GC is available in the site, but if you have any operations in progress such as bulk mailbox moves those will likely fail if the DC they are communicating with goes down.

          Thats been my experience, usually caused by someone patching and rebooting a DC during one of my migration windows.
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