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Old non-existing certificate

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  • Old non-existing certificate

    I have just installed an new certificate from a new CA. Every time I login to ecp I get a notofication about an old certificate on an old Exchange server that is not existing.
    The certificate ' Microsoft Exchange OWA ' has expired on the server [decommission server] . Show details
    Can the error be related to this pop-up I get everytime I open outlook
    There are problems with the proxy server's security certificate.
    The name of the security certificate is invalid or does not match with the name of the destination places FQDN(production Exchange server).

    Outlook can not connect to the proxy server. ( Error Code 10)
    I have had this error since I added a new Exchange 2013 server to my Network and decommissioned the old one.

    How can I get rid of it?

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    Error Code 10 has been solved. After changing internal names to match external names in the Exchange server the Outlook Anywhere was still had the old internal name. Change the internal name to match the external name and doing an iisreset the error stopped showing.

    I still have the notification in ECP. I have googled alot and it seems to be a problem with the arbitration mailbox, FederatedEmail. MS suggests recreating it, but I am not sure what the effect of that will be.

    Any thoughts?