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  • Prerequisite for Exchange 2010


    I am reading about the prerequisites to install Exchange 2010.

    Only in Technet was I requested to install this: ---> ( " WCF services that are hosted by computers together with a NLB fail in .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or in .NET Framework 4" )

    When I read it, I see it refers to NLB, therefore, I am not sure whether I should only install it if I am using several CAS servers with NLB.

    Besides, I see a bunch of DLLs, and no executables.

    How could I proceed regarding those DLLs ? , I am not really sure.

    Thanks in advance.
    Madrid (Spain).

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    The listing of files you see on that KB page is under the heading 'File Information'. That listing and it's description is showing you which files are changed when you install the update. The installer is what you download from one of the links in the description text prior to the 'File Information' listing. There's 1 link to follow if you want the update where you have an issue under .NET 4, and a different link for .NET 3.5. If you're not using network load balancing with your Exchange setup, it doesn't look like you need to worry about it. If your environment is big enough that you do have some sort of Exchange cluster, that you may want that update. Depends on your environment.
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      Thanks RicklesP.

      It seems as I have to contact Microsoft to get the hotfix for 3.5 .

      My enviroment is quite small, a lab with three Exchange: 2 CAS+HUB with NLB and 1 Mailbox.

      So, I will install them in the two CAS.

      Thanks again!
      Madrid (Spain).