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MsExchange RBAC EventID 16, about permissions

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  • MsExchange RBAC EventID 16, about permissions


    I just set up two Exchange Servers (2010 SP3)

    When I try to load the Management console, I receive this message: "The Operation couldn't be performed because domain\Administrator couldn't be found."

    I looked into the event viewer and saw this: "MsExchange RBAC EventID 16"

    With a search engine, I find some people having the same issue, and the recommendation is to look for the group "Organization Management" within "Microsoft Exchange Security Groups" , and in this group the user "Administrator" must reside.

    It is the case in my implementation.

    There are no firewalls involved. I restarted the Domain controller twice at least and the two Exchange servers.

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    Madrid (Spain).

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    I found this:

    "... Is the SID same on your DC1 and Exchange Server?
    If so, I suggest you reinstall Exchange Server on another server (with different SID) to have a try.
    Here is a related theread for you, hope can give you some help:
    Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1 bug with duplicate machine SIDs

    Within this thread:


    This happens to me. I cloned two virtual machines and I din NOT know the Computer SID would be duplicated.
    Madrid (Spain).