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Filtering of MAILER-DAEMON messages

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  • Filtering of MAILER-DAEMON messages

    I would like to set a server-side rule to forward all messages that come into a mailbox from the MAILER-DAEMON to a specific folder for manual review.

    However, since there is no account name associated with the DAEMON I cannot get it to move these messages.

    Has anybody been able to accomplish this?

    I am using Exchange 2007 SP1 with Outlook 2007 SP2.

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    Re: Filtering of MAILER-DAEMON messages

    I have narrowed some of this down but am still stumped.

    I would like to forward all messages that come back to as undeliverable so they can be manually reviewed. This works fine for messages that are returned from the recipientís mail server because I filter them and send a BCC to a different email account with a transport rule based on subject content. However, the transport rule does not work for the emails that are returned from my own Exchange server because of whatever reason. Those messages are delivered to the senderís mailbox from the MAILER-DAEMON. I cannot rely on these returns being overlooked, ignored, or human error because of regulatory reasons.

    I just need to find a way to re-direct or send a CC or BCC to another mailbox from the Daemon.


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      Re: Filtering of MAILER-DAEMON messages

      You can't set rules etc on system messages. Outlook doesn't allow it. The only reason that you can set the rules on some of those messages is because Exchange/Outlook doesn't recognise it as a system message. System messages are handled in a different way to regular messages.

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        Re: Filtering of MAILER-DAEMON messages


        Please see the following link:
        How to Copy NDRs to a Mailbox

        Hope this helps,