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Migrating domain need to relink Exchange

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  • Migrating domain need to relink Exchange

    Hi all,

    We are in the midst of changing domains, in this process our Exchange 2007 server needs to have all of its accounts pointing to the new domain. We have kept all of our accounts the same but the domain name has changed. For example:

    Currently users login as: DomainA\wsmith

    with the change this has changed to

    New user login as: DomainB\wsmith

    The Exchange account is still pointing to DomainA and I need to Relink it to DomainB. Is there a safe way to accomplish this with no risk to data loss?

    From what I have found on the internet I believe I can disable the account in the EMC and then reactivate and point to the new location. BUT I am unsure if data loss will result.

    Or possibly the PowerShellconnect-Mailbox command but if so does anyone have the exact syntax I would use and will any data loss occur?

    Thanks all

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    Re: Migrating domain need to relink Exchange

    I am sure someone will come up with a spark of wisdom, but the following link means you may run into a few problems..
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      Re: Migrating domain need to relink Exchange

      Well we are not Moving the exchange server to a new domain. We are currently just moving our users to the new domain. We have a brand new shiny Exchange 2010 migration happening in 3 weeks and this is the first part of the overall migration.

      So the Exchange server is not moving to a new domain but I need to relink the accounts to the new logins without losing data.


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        Re: Migrating domain need to relink Exchange

        What exactly are you doing?
        If the login is changing then you are renaming the domain.
        That usually ends up in tears, even though it is supported in some scenarios. You need to read the documentation with regards to how changing a domain affects Exchange. If done correctly, then you shouldn't need to "relink" anything because Exchange doesn't work that way.

        Although I don't rename domains. If a new domain name is required then a new Forest is built and a cross forest migration takes place. I find it is much easier than trying to rename an existing domain.

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