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  • Exchange Backups Failing

    I have a single Exchange 2010 server/site, running on Server 2012. Backup Exec 14 is the backup tool that is in place. Backups have been very inconsistent (I recently took over the IT responsibilities) due to the Exchange Writer "disappearing."

    On a fresh reboot of the Exchange server, the Exchange Writer is there when I do a vssadmin list writers. It's there, it's stable with no errors. If I start a backup shortly after a reboot, the backup will run 90% of the time to completion. At some point afterwards, the Exchange Writer will not be in the list at all, when I do a vssadmin list writers. It's just not there. I have looked through the Event Logs and I see the Exchange Writer becoming available after the reboot, but I don't see, or don't know where to look, for the Exchange Writer unloading itself.

    A few times I have rebooted and not run a backup, to see if the Writer is unloading without Backup Exec coming into play, and it has. Sometimes it is hours, sometimes days later and it's no longer in the list when I do a vssadmin list writers.

    For a rare three weeks, the backups ran like clock work. I think, after a Windows update, the Exchange Writer went back to its "disappearing act."

    I'm going to try a reboot and then use Windows Backup to see if I can get a clean backup.

    If anyone has run into this same issue, or any advice on what is happening to the Exchange Writer, I would greatly appreciate any input on this. If there is already a thread that has all of this, kindly point me to it.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I would be pointing the finger at Backup Exec. It uses (or always did) its own writers, rather than the native writers.
    Remove Backup Exec completely and reboot the server, then see if the same problems occur.

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