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Installing Exchange 2010

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  • Installing Exchange 2010

    I have managed to install and configure exchange 2010. Mail flows internally and externally. I configure my router to accept email on port 25 and configure my DNS with an A host record and an MX record. My server domain is xxx.local and my netbios name is cyn-ex01, so fQDN for the server is I have configured exchange to accept email on and everything work fine. I would like your expertise to help me configure the correct RDNS so that my mail does not get rejected. What should i instruct my isp to set the RDNS? should it be Please not that the A record defined for my domain is set to "mail" and that my MX record is set to When i send email out the exposed is : Received: from ( []).

    Please help me out.


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    Re: Installing Exchange 2010

    You should configure your send connector to use "" as the FQDN and advice your ISP to setup the RDNS for the name and the external IP address which is used for sending mails.


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      Re: Installing Exchange 2010


      You have to
      1) first set your reply mailing domain to External Domain thats "". The email should read from "[email protected]".
      2) Second create a RDNS in the ISP for as the Public IP given by ur ISP.

      [email protected]