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Exchange might no be the future, instant messaging could be

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  • Exchange might no be the future, instant messaging could be


    I don't know whether this is the right place for me to throw an opinion.

    I was just studying Exchange online, and before I had studied Lync, so this thought came into my mind:

    Maybe within a few years, people won't use email anymore but "Facebook-like instant messaging", so to speak, which is Lync or even Yammer (in Sharepoint online).

    Maybe emails will become a thing of the past and people will talk through Lync, or through Skype (which now belongs to Microsoft), a far more quicker way to communicate.

    Maybe that will be the trend, and I am kind of obsseded with understanding all Exchange, and by the time I am an expert in Exchange, it will be of no much use anymore, hehe, oh my.

    Sorry if opinions are not allowed in this section of the forum. I will delete it if so.
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    This might be moved to the Coffee Lounge or Misc depending on the way it goes.....

    IMHO both systems have a place, just as telephones did not replace letters. Email is more akin to letter writing, so has a measure of permanence, where IM is more like texts (or calls).
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      IMO, it's doubtful that IM/Chat will replace email as the primary means of electronic communication, at least in the Enterprise. There is too big a need for keeping a paper trail for many reasons; legal, compliance, auditing, etc., etc. In addition, people need a means for sharing calendar information, contacts, etc. that email systems are well suited for and have a long history of and deep expertise in. I don't see IM/Chat providing those features in a way and at a scale that would be feasible.


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        I have clients who have actually shutdown their IM because it was too instant. It was having an impact on people's productivity because they felt they had to deal with the IM there and then. Email allows them to take their time and deal with it later.
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