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Remove objects from Exchange 2010

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  • Remove objects from Exchange 2010

    Hopefully a simple one question and answer

    Within our Exchange Management console I can see references to another Exchange server that is no longer used (before my tine), along with references to databases too, again not used.

    Is there a simple way to remove it? I can see with the DB's I can simply right mouse > remove


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    The only supported way would be to recover the server and remove it properly.
    While you can hack it out using adsiedit, that isn't supported and it is very easy to cause damage to your live system.
    Find the AD computer account, RESET it (not delete).
    Build a temporary machine with the same name, then install Exchange 2010 using the recoverserver switch from the command line.
    Once it is up, remove the databases (Which will be unmounted) and then remove Exchange using add/remove programs.

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