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External URL for Autodiscover

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  • External URL for Autodiscover


    I am going through an article to configure the Exchange 2007 Web Services URLs , this one ( ).

    The author does not mention a external URL for the Autodiscover service.

    In this other Technet question ( ) I am reading that you don't need either the ExternalURL or the Internal one, and even to set to NULL those two values.

    How could I set the External URL for Autodiscover to: "" ? , , taking into account that this goes to a 2-node NLB CAS cluster, so the DNS record is pointing to the Virtual IP of this cluster.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Madrid (Spain).

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    The external URL for Autodiscover is fixed. You don't change it in Exchange. That is why it stays at null.
    It is either or an NSLOOKUP for SRV records or a HTTP redirect from - where is the domain after the @ sign in the email address.
    The A record would go to the same IP virtual IP address of the CAS role.
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      Thanks a lot Sembee!
      Madrid (Spain).