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External Certificate in OpenBSD

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  • External Certificate in OpenBSD


    On reading the different forums and technet i understand that for Outlook Anywhere to work correctly we need Certificate to be installed on the Domain Controller where CAS is installed with IIS and has to be a GCS.

    In my case i have installed External Certificate in Linux Open BSD with Apache / SSL on https : // webmail . mydomain . com

    And my OWA is working very fine.

    But when i try for OA, i am not able to get thru....
    Steps done so far as below, let me know if some thing is missing...

    1. Installated RPC over HTTP component on CAS
    2. Enable OA from CAS
    3. Checked Register with 6001, 6002 and 6004 ports, all is well...
    4. Telnet to all the post is fine with required result of ncacn_http/1.0
    5. MBX registery is correct.

    How this certificate works as said external cert is on openbsd???

    Cyber Citizen

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    Re: External Certificate in OpenBSD

    What names do you have on the certificate? Outlook Anywhere requires a SAN certificate with about 4 names including autodiscover to work correctly
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      Re: External Certificate in OpenBSD


      We have the certificate under the name of which we are using for OWA.

      First i would like to configure OA and if it work fine i will go for AutoDiscover.

      The same certificate which i have for OWA has to work for OA. (Logically)

      When i see in IIS of CAS under RPC virtual directory i found the internal Certificate listed which is the same to Default Directory.

      when i browse https : // webmail . mydomain . com /rpc getting the password promt and later gives Access Denied error

      when i browse https : // webmail . mydomain . com / rpcproxy.dll its goes to blank page.


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        Re: External Certificate in OpenBSD


        We have the external certificate from thawte SSL Web Server Certificate and our activesync / owa is working very fine.

        only question is that CAS IIS default directories and virtual directries is showing the internal certificate and external certificate of thawte is loaded in Linux OpenBSD.

        How its co-related with Outlook Anywhere, on further check with resource kit, rpcping is taking long time and failed.

        what else need to check to make thing work ?