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Exchange 2007 SP3 Multi-Site CCR

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  • Exchange 2007 SP3 Multi-Site CCR


    I am trying to set up a Multi site CCR, when I read this:

    " .... In addition, because the new failover cluster included with Windows Server 2008 supports multiple subnets, unlike Exchange 2007 RTM, Exchange 2007 SP1 includes support for geographically dispersed clusters (GeoClusters) for failover across two subnets (although the nodes must still be in the same Active Directory site). ..."


    That article is related to SP1 , and I have SP3, but cannot find if it is different in that regard.

    But anyways, it not possible to build a CCR in two different Active Directory Sites? , I mean, I thought that was the whole point of building a CCR, to have resiliency, a copy in NY and another one in Berlín.

    Thanks in advance.
    Madrid (Spain).

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    You can, whether you should though is another issue altogether.
    It isn't something I would do because the latency would be too high going across the Atlantic.
    If you want a copy off site, then use SCR instead. Don't try and do something like Active/Active over that kind of distance.
    Personally I would move to Exchange 2013 or 2016 with two DAGs, one for each location, with a passive located in the other site.
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      I see. Thanks a lot Sembee.
      Madrid (Spain).